Shahrukh as a villain in Vijay’s film. Shocking rumor is true


The news that Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan is acting as a villain in Tamil star hero Thalapathi Vijay is now viral. The film is being directed by Atali Kumar and Shahrukh is playing a guest role in this movie. However, it has been reported that the villain role is not a guest role for two days. Many people dismiss it as a rumor. But this is not a rumor. Actually, Shahrukh Vijay is playing a villain in the 63rd film. The English Entertainment website PinkWilla said that the film was revealed by the film.

‘SRK is playing a prominent role in Thalpathi 63. It is not like the guest characters he has ever made. In fact, he is the main villain in the film. He is seen in the movie climax. For 15 minutes, his vision is shown to the audience. His struggle with Vijay is gone. Makers saw the role of a leading actor in the Hindi film industry for this role. This order has been contacted by Shahrukh Ali. Shortly afterward, Shahrukh agreed, “Pinkville said. With Shahrukh’s entry, it will become Pan-India Film.

This is the first Tamil film for Shahrukh Khan. His entry into the Tamil industry has a negative role. Shahrukh Khan is shooting for just four days. Shooting in Chennai or Mumbai is going on. Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff is also playing an important role in this film. However, there is another reason behind Shahrukh’s acceptance to act in the film. Atley Kumar is planning a movie with Shahrukh in Hindi. In Chennai, Super Duper hit ‘Mursal’ is available in Hindi with Shahrukh. Recently, both of them enjoyed a lot of fun in the IPL match in Chennai.

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