Kasuti Zindagi Kay 2, 23 April 2019 Full Episode Written Update: new


New Delhi Kasumi Zindagi Kay 2, 23 April 2019full ‚Äč‚ÄčEpisode Written Update:

In today’s episode of Kasti Zindagi II, Motivation goes straight to Anurag’s house after leaving the jail and goes missing in front of her eyes in front of her eyes, which the people told her. Collica gets angry when she sees the motivation she tells her whether she came running from the prison to the court and ran away. Comolica tells the motivation that she will send her to jail. But the motivation laughs over Comolica’s point. She tells him that it was exactly the same inspiration that Comolika had bought like the police had bought them to the police.

Comolika tells inspiration whether she has sold her house or a small fat jungle so she is talking about buying the police. Comolica is meant to inspire motivation that his home paper is near Komolika but Anurag stops him. Anurag tells inspiration how he came out, in which the motivation tells him that someone has come into his life for which his sincerity is of greater significance. Anurag is jealous of hearing about the motivation, who can get rid of him.

Anurag tells inspiration that he wants to meet that person who goes to see him outside the house. Inspiration from behind tells the complicate that the way she has left Anurag on money, she will also take back the love of Anurag, which tells the complicated to get angry, she tells him that Anurag is just her. Anurag comes back and no one is seen outside. Comolica tells the motivation that the person who has redeemed him is definitely having an affair with inspiration.

After listening to this thing from the mouth of the comrade, Anurag gets irritable due to irritation, he tells the inspiration, who is the person who is feeling that the Anurag is getting jealous. But then the Comolica says that Anurag does not burn to anyone. Motivation tells that Vikrant is back in his life. Anurag is surprised to hear Vikrant’s name. Only then there is Vikrant. Vikrant tells Anurag that he will never forget that he did what he did with him.

Vikrant goes to the Comolica. He tells him that he would recognize him because he had done a lot of bad with him. Comolica starts shouting Vikrant, that Vikrant takes hold of his hand. He tells him that he is not the first Vikrant. Anurag tells the inspiration that he should not trust Vikrant but the inspiration tells him that he is not a trustworthy complied even though he is with him as it is now with Vikrant. Vikrant goes out from there saying that he will now talk about business with inspiration.

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