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Komolika says I did an enormous mistake, I forgot this man didn’t die. She appears on. Moloy consoles Prerna. He gets up and asks whereby is all and varied. Prerna says they’ll come back, all folks are quality. He says forgive American state, Rajesh and that I desired you and Anurag to induce married, I couldn’t come back to bless you, forgive me, my need is consummated. Prerna says you desired Anurag and my wedding to manifest. He says of direction, Rajesh wasn’t taking note to American state, I don’t have any complaints, he consummated my dream, whereby is Rajesh, you recall Mohini got sick via ingestion halwa, Komolika brought one thing in it, I had proof, CCTV footage, we tend to visit her residence, Komolika same she did this as she needed to marry Anurag, I schooled her that she’s going to be ready to in no approach grow to be my bahu, merely Prerna turns into my bahu. Prerna cries. He asks what materialized.

She says Komolika song to completely everybody, she same you desired Anurag and her to marry, wedding materialized and she or he arrived as bahu, however, Anurag which I married in the temple before, however lawfully she is abode as his married person. He says merely you’ll be able to find yourself my bahu, I will be able to cross domestic and inform all folks. He shouts health practician. He sees Komolika and asks her to return it. He gets up and goes bent Komolika. Prerna asks him to relaxation. Moloy says you song and did this kind of horrific issue, you didn’t concentrate to American state, I will get Anurag and Prerna married, society can take delivery of that wedding, I will be able to get Prerna her rights.

Komolika says truth is, Anurag and that I got married. He says Prerna, the decision the circle of relatives, I’m ready to inform the reality. Komolika says I will get you all at the rear of bars for misdeed and harassment. He says I will be able to get you inactive for the fraud. Komolika catches Prerna’s neck and says I will be able to kill her like I killed her male parent through failing the automotive vehicle brakes. He slaps her. Komolika’s dream ends. She sees Prerna at the door. She signs and symptoms relief. Prerna desires Moloy sees her. Komolika thinks of a way to manage things. She asks Prerna to let health practician move. Anurag and Anupam square measure on the approach.

Anupam says Prerna is additionally getting ready to Molly, I actually have hidden this from all and varied, Molly needed Prerna and additionally you to marry. Anurag stops the auto and asks what. Anupam says Moloy which I wont to drink and communicate, he conversant American state that he’ll announce your and Prerna’s wedding, he saw Navin and Prerna’s wedding rituals that time. Anurag says I don’t perceive, why did he communicate to Komolika’s male parent for our wedding, I feel we’d like to forestall Prerna, I ought to take Komolika’s assist. Anurag calls Komolika and asks her to be with Molly, maintain Prerna away, Molly shouldn’t perceive concerning their wedding. Komolika gets glad and thinks we’ve identical motive however one-of-a-kind motives. She says pleasant, I will be able to now not allow Prerna to meet him, I m on the temple to give thanks, Lord. Anurag says Komolika isn’t on the sanatorium, she is at the temple. Anupam jokes. Anurag says we tend to need to move and speak to the male parent.

The nurse asks Prerna to go and sit down, there’s no need to face there. The nurse thinks I didn’t see any bahu caring Sasur like her own male parent. Moloy wakes up. The nurse asks however square measure you currently. Komolika is additionally there. Anurag thinks every person may be excited to fulfill the male parent. He says Anupam, I actually have hidden some issue, dad’s accident became deliberate by someone, the automotive brakes wire had been cut back via somebody. Anupam gets balled over.

Prerna thinks I gained’t forgive Anurag for concealment this. Mohini, Tapur, and Nivedita come back there. Tapur says Prerna loves Molloy, he to boot regards her a girl. Nivedita says simply we tend to square measure his daughters. Prerna says its higher if we tend to don’t fight recently. Mohini says you aren’t our circle of relatives, Molly desired Komolika to show bent be our bahu, please stop losing my time. Prerna says docs requested North American nation no longer to fulfill Moloy. Mohini says none will forestall American state from assembly Moloy. Prerna says Anurag feels somebody is once Molly’s lifestyles, that coincidence was done purposely, somebody tried to kill Molly.

Komolika takes a health practitioner’s disguise. Mohini asks UN agency, why didn’t Anurag tell American state. they are saying we tend to don’t notice. Mohini calls Anurag. She says why did everybody arrange to kill my Moloy, Anurag isn’t respondent my name, if all folks tried this, the wrongdoer can do this once more. Komolika comes. Mohini says Prerna, I will be able to in no approach such as you, don’t have hopes, please pass from here, in order that I’m ready to recognition on different matters. Prerna says we tend to couldn’t combat recently. Nivedita scolds her. Prerna goes and collides with Komolika. She says therefore sorry medical man.

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