Kasautii Zindagii Kay 25th April 2019 Written New Update: Episode


The Episode starts with Komolika spoken communication I really like you, I am keen on you, Prerna has no standing, she can’t do something, her standing is simply that she could be a servant’s girl, she is nothing. He says you’re a minister’s girl, what did you are doing, she got somebody on her face, she is creating a team against the North American nation, I m your husband and have a right to induce angry on you. He goes and says give thanks to God she got confused by my queries, currently, she would be questioning herself. Anurag comes there and sees Prerna. He remembers his wedding. He thinks I m not capable to try to do what I ought to have.

Prerna too thinks of him. She sees him. He asks is everything okay, I will get haldi milk or kada to assist you, your pain will subside with it. She removes the bandage and throws it. She shuts the door and asks him to go away, let
her live in peace. He says to open the door once, I will be able to go once I do the help. She says I don’t need to provide you any rights. He says I do have rights, you simply say that we have a tendency to are married, if you’re keen on Pine Tree State, I even have a right. She opens the door and holds his collar. She asks however long can you play with Pine Tree State, you, your sweet talking and care, I hate this currently, return to your Komolika, I m silent as Tapur’s alliance goes to induce fastened, once that happens, you’ll see my totally different facet. He asks since once did you begin caring for my family. She says you merit emotion and penalization, not Tapur. Its morning, Nivedita tells everybody concerning Sahil and Tapur’s alliance. Anurag says dada isn’t there currently, we want your consent.

Sahil says I prefer Tapur. Sahil’s folks say we would like to repair this alliance. Nivedita says its too sensible. Sahil’s mum says we must always do their Roka, wherever is your bahu, she’s going to be feeding the sweets to them initial. Mohini says in fact. Komolika comes. Prerna comes before her and takes the plate. She says it’s my duty to try to do the rituals and feed sweets. Sahil’s mum praises Prerna’s beauty. Anurag smiles. Komolika gets angry. Prerna introduces herself. Sahil’s mum says you’re lovely as your name. Mohini says this isn’t my bahu. Nivedita says she is sort of a girl for mum, have sweets. Prerna feeds sweets to Tapur, Sahil et al. Sahil and his family leave. Nivedita asks Mohini to pay attention to her. Mohini asks, however, dare you to stop Pine Tree State there. Nivedita says I did what I felt right. Komolika says you bear in mind, I m the bahu of this house.
Mohini says you affronted Pine Tree State by line Prerna as Anurag’s married woman, why. Nivedita says I did what I assumed right, Prerna has introduced herself as our bahu and began the ritual, what if I told the reality, she would have created a problem, it’s concerning Tapur’s wedding. Komolika asks did you are doing this for Tapur or Anupam’s would like, simply Anupam needs to check Prerna in my place, perhaps you’re supporting him. Nivedita says Anupam is my husband. They argue. Komolika gets taunting Nivedita for not handling her wedding. She says I will inform you, who am I. Nivedita says you can’t visit Pine Tree State like this. Komolika says I will speak like this, Prerna aforementioned pandit that she is Anurag’s married woman, nobody supported her, simply Veena and Anupam supported Prerna, did you raise Anupam why is he supporting Prerna, I didn’t raise you something as I liked you, you’re going against Pine Tree State. Nivedita says that’s not the case, I m not lying. Mohini shouts stop…… Nivedita doesn’t lie ever, I know her, each of you relaxes, I will be able to notice an opportunity and tell Tapur’s inlaws that Komolika is Anurag’s, married woman.
Komolika says decision them currently. Mohini says relax, let few days pass, Molly and Sahil’s dada fastened this alliance, they started business on today, Molly ought to are here, I feel strange that he isn’t here, however fate plays with North American nation. Komolika holds her and thinks if he was here, I wouldn’t are here, I shouldn’t have married Anurag. Ronit calls Shivani and shocks her by his speech. She says you’re in Delhi, however, does one fathom Pine Tree State. His friend shows her on video decision to Ronit. Ronit sings a song for her. She picks the fallen vegs and leaves from the market. Ronit’s friend follows her and says your work is finished. Ronit says keep Pine Tree State familiar.

Kaki says Aryan needs to fulfill Shivani once more, however, he’s fearful of Ronit. Prerna comes home and hears them. She asks did Ronit come back here with a gun. Kaki says affirmatively. Veena asks, however, ar you. Prerna asks what are you concealment. Kaki says I will be able to come back later. Veena tells her everything. Shivani says Ronit is in Delhi, still, he is aware of everything concerning Pine Tree State, I don’t need to travel to him, I don’t need to marry him. Prerna hugs her and says I promise, I will be able to bring him to senses. Anurag hears Komolika reprehension the professional person. She says my dad has done everything to support Basu publications, I m the owner of Prerna’s house, Prerna ought to grasp this, that I even have the house’s original papers. Anurag says I want to speak to you in camera.
Komolika asks the attorney to arrange the draft and is available. Anurag thinks perhaps she is feeling insecure. He says I m angry at myself, I shouldn’t have behaved that method with you, I m feeling thus guilty. She says you’re feeling guilty, as you’ve got married American state, Nivedita additionally feels that you just shouldn’t have married American state. He says I spoke to Nivedita and asked her to not decision Prerna, my married woman, she apologized, you’re my married woman. She asks very. He asks {are|ar|area unit|square American stateasure} you skeptical me once more, I can’t believe this, what shall I do to prove that I really like you.

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