Kasautii Zindagii Kay 24th April 2019 Written New Update: Episode


The Episode starts with Veena spoken communication we must always haven’t left Prerna there, I m missing Rajesh tons these days. Shivani says if he was alive, he would have supported Prerna, Prerna is aware of you’re forever together with her. Prerna calls Shivani. Veena takes the decision. She asks wherever area unit you, we have a tendency to wished to speak to you. Prerna says I m feeling sensible to listen to your voice. Veena asks, however, did you get free. Prerna says I’ll meet you and tell everything, I came here to show a lesson to Komolika, I forgot to raise, did the guy like Shivani. Veena says affirmative, the guy liked Shivani, and even liked Shivani, everything is okay. Prerna asks area unit you fine with this relation. Shivani says affirmative, Aryan may be a nice man. Veena says Shivani got back and went there, we’ll speak later, take care.

She asks Shivani to not cry and not

be frightened of Ronit. Shivani says I hope this lie offers her happiness. Veena says I aforesaid truth, Aryan and you liked one another, I’ll meet Aryan’s folks, everything is fine. Prerna passes by. Anurag stops her and says you’re not doing right. She says you’re not doing right, tell Pine Tree State why did you send my love for your business and cash. He thinks Komolika would have told this, Komolika helped Pine Tree State, why did this foolish woman return. She catches his collar and asks why did you are doing this, tell me. He says I even have a solution. She says then tell Pine Tree State. He says I did this, yes, I m acquitted, anyone else would have done this, Komolika, her dad, did you see their power, did you see our shares, the corporate got dilated, I took the correct call. She says fine, you probably did this for business, I’ll ruin it. She turns and falls down. He asks area unit you hurt. She says don’t bit Pine Tree State, it is okay, thanks. He says let Pine Tree State check.

He lifts her and takes her. He says shut up, I’ll not hear you. She says leave Pine Tree State. He gets her to space and says keep sitting. She says I don’t wish your facilitate. He asks can’t you perceive, you bought hurt, if you stand, there’ll be swelling by pressure, don’t move. She says stop Pine Tree State and show. He says rise up and shows. He locks her within the space. Veena involves meeting Aryan and his folks.

She says I came to speak to you concerning Shivani. Aryan says I additionally wished to speak. Veena says I request you to think about this alliance. Aryan says I need to fulfill Shivani once. Prerna says it is your space, not mine. Anurag says I m stubborn such as you, I’ll pay attention of you. She says I won’t keep happy, what does one wish. He says simply shut up currently, you’ll be able to shout the maximum amount as you wish. She says you’ll be dangerous although you are doing sensible. Hawaaon mein….plays… He will aid to her foot. He says you accustomed say, why am I thus sensible, right. She says I couldn’t determine you.

He says currently you determine Pine Tree State, perhaps this is often wrong what you’re thinking that of Pine Tree State. She says you stony-broke my heart, I need to check you breaking. They argue. He says you wish my support after you say you hate Pine Tree State. She says you have got no sense to grasp this. She falls once more. He holds her shut. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. they need AN eyelock. Komolika comes in asking once area unit Tapur’s inlaws returning. She sees them and asks what area unit you doing here in Anurag’s space. Prerna says I even have no interest in respondent you, raise my real husband concerning it. She goes. Anurag worries. Prerna thinks of him and cries. She holds her uterus and says you ne’er understood my love, what is going to you perceive my pain. He thinks what to try to, she appearance angry.

Komolika says I m not a child to not perceive this, stop enjoying games with Pine Tree State. He says you’re enjoying games with Pine Tree State, you bought against Pine Tree State. She asks what area unit you spoke communication. He asks why did you tell Prerna that we have a tendency to didn’t marry and simply had a deal, I m making an attempt to place in her mind that we have a tendency to love one another thus we have a tendency to married, you spoiled my game, everybody falls for you, I additionally fell for you and married you, you aforesaid no matter we’ve between the US in an exceedingly deal, currently she is taking revenge, she desires to ruin my business. She asks what, she is nothing, she has no sense, she simply talks, she can’t do something. He says she talks and will what she says.

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