Is That Pallu a Joke? Disha Patani’s Yellow Saree in Bharat’s Song


Disha Patani is wearing a yellow saree in the Slow Motion song from Salman Khan starrer Bharat. Now, her look has sparked a new debate on social media with people criticizing her for killing the essence of a saree.

The first song from Salman Khan‘s Bharat titled Slow Motion features Disha Pataniwearing something that looks like a saree. Or at least that’s what people on social media have started to feel. A section of the audience is miffed with Disha and the makers for ruining a saree and its traditional appeal in the video.

Disha is seen wearing a yellow saree in Slow Motion song with her pallu is extremely twisted, looking like a rope. This has fumed the fans of the six-yard drape who are left asking ‘Where’s the saree?’ Interestingly, the song garnered more than 24 million views in just 24 hours of its release but many are not in favor of appreciating Disha’s appearance in it. As reported by news agency IANS, award-winning textile designer Gaurang Shah blamed the song for ‘diluting the essence of a saree’ in the song. He told the agency that reinvention is a choice but one should not play with the ‘fundamental essence’ of a saree that made it a loved piece for people across generations. He was quoted saying, “It is a celebration of our cultural legacy and heritage. A saree is a saree. You must drape it in a manner that retains its magnificent character.”

Another designer, Varija Bajaj called Disha’s choice of wearing a non-saree like saree a ‘poor rendition’ of reinventing a saree. She said the designers across the world keep trying to transform it into gowns, lehengas and even sarees with jeans, however, Disha’s way of carrying it look absolutely lackluster. She added that ‘there’s a thin line between a beautiful reinvention and tragic disaster’ and a poorly transformed saree not just kills its essence but also undermines its feminist appeal.

However, designer Ritu Kumar mentioned there’s no ‘norm’ to wear a saree and there has never been. In her statement, she said that a saree is the most ‘provocative’ piece of cloth that’s worn in various styles across the world. She added that a saree cannot be standardized and it always depends on the person wearing it how she wants to drape it.

The social media is currently full of memes about Disha’s saree look in Slow Motion. While some are calling it a copy of Raveena Tandon’s look from Tip Tip Barsa Pani, some are simply finding it outrageous. One user tweeted: “Look at that sari ka pallu covering Disha, (it) is (like) the syllabus I covered during the whole year.” Another posted: “This is the only saree which has naadaa instead of pallu.” One read: “If you ever feel useless, think of Disha’s pallu in this song.”

What do you think?

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