How to stay away from judicial mentality

How to stay away from judicial mentality

It is not fair to judge what the book looks like in a book cover. There are few people who do not know this word. In the book of childhood, or in the context of a child, it has come up in many respects. Although we all agree with everyone, we forget to apply it in our personal life. From the situation I am standing, the person in front of me cannot come from that situation. The adversity in his life may be more than that. We forget this simple thing and sit down criticizing. In the wrong comments, intentionally or unwittingly wounded others. If we look at everyone in the context of the surrounding areas, then my own use may not be the reason for others’ badness. But just how to keep these thoughts in control? Let’s not know the issues in today’s report.

  • 1. Learn the situation
    Many times we make a comment about the surrounding environment and knowingly. But in the same situation, we did not think about what we used to do. Anyone who is forced to do any unpleasant work by being victimized should know that the work should be thrown out. Many times this education is available from the elders of the house. If we keep a little eye open, we notice how they are going to adjust their daily lives.
  • 2. It is important to emphasize the opinions of others
    The opinions of others should be given importance. It may not be what I’m thinking or what I’m thinking, that’s always true. There are many other events involved in an incident. We only keep thinking about what we see in front of the eyes. If you do not try to judge the rest of the incident, then you can try a little bit of what is really real, then it will be very much different from your own.
  • 3. Bring out your good points
    Today, people are less than listening, and they want to say more. It’s the same for everyone at least. There are very few people who are good listeners. Most good speakers But to find out the problem of any human, you must first hear what your own problems are. Only then, if I know his problem, my inner kindness, attachment, compassion will come out, which will help in front of you something incomparable. It is necessary to be good listeners and patient in order to understand the problem of anger, anger, anger, and anger.
  • 4. Give yourself equal freedom to others
    In the same environment or in the same circumstances, we only have time to talk to ourselves. Or think of myself I am immersed in the thought of how much benefits he can get. But when we take advantage of the same facility, we are envious or jealous. It should not be. The other should give independence or help in the same situation as much as we want for ourselves.
  • 5. Not all people equate
    The Creator gave birth to a lot of people. If everyone made the same mold, then there would not have been a different identity. The thing you look like is not good for anyone else. Therefore, there is always a need to have a liberal mind in thinking of our thoughts. We must remember that the dislike of everyone’s choice is not the same. There will be differences in the person. That means that it is just right and everyone else is wrong, this idea is irrational, inaccurate and false.
  • 6. Expect to be in control
    I discussed above that not everyone is of the same nature. So it is wrong to get the same thing from someone to your own accord. Because if the person does not share the same opinion, then by scolding his character or thinking, it can only begin to be our subconscious mind. So keep your hopes in control and keep moving on to the right thing without thinking about the result.

The easy way to get rid of the nervous breakdown

The amount of stress that has changed over time has increased a lot. The increase in the amount of stress or stress can also increase the number of mental breaks in the normal way. Prior to any major task before, before examining the examinations, this emotional pressure would have been great before making a difficult decision in the profession or in the family-social crisis. And many of them have nervous breakdowns in it. But after the change of life, the number of these nurse breakdowns has increased greatly. And it has increased so much that this problem has to be read in our minds. Head rotates heart rate increases, frequent bathrooms – all of the signs of nervous breakdown. But as problems have increased, awareness raises awareness about the issue. That’s why therapists and psychologists are now advising on how to avoid this nerve breakdown. Experts advise the use of drugs such as getting quick comfort, so there are many other ways to get comfort in the long-term. Which is much easier than the same and is not commonplace. Likewise, there are several methods

1. Think about the success
Think of the time of your success. Think of all the events that you have successfully passed. Try to remember an event when you were very happy।

2. Play games
Everyone’s handsfree smartphone now And there is no video game in it. Keep yourself busy in a game when the pressure is too high. It’s great if you can play a speed related game (car racing type). Quickly get out of the nervous breakdown।

3. Watch funny videos
If you search the Internet from a mobile or computer, you will get a lot of fun streaming video. So start to see something like that. Emotional or nervous breakdowns will take immediate use.

4. Reduce self-love
Are you so proud of yourself? Do you have any pride in your work, your face? Then it can cause your nervous breakdown. You can break down on your own image or a little injury to Igor. This self-love or pride will be reduced to a lesser extent. In that case, you will get benefit as long term. In some cases you have the benefit of others, practice writing it. This reduces pride.

5. Body noticed
You have to be careful of the body. Regular Yogasan or Tai Chi helps keep the mind well. Immediately join any one of these. The nervous system will be beneficial. The body will burst. With very little pressure, it does not fall in the air, the body will prepare itself for it. And keep an eye on it as well, so that you get enough rest.

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